Meet Meow, connecting corporate treasuries held in USD to Maple yields

Proud to announce our partnership with Meow. Marking the beginning of easy on-ramps to Maple yields for corporate treasuries held in USD. Securities law compliant, and acting as counterparty for one-time onboarding, Meow removes frictions for traditional institutions to enter the digital economy.

Meow provides a simple, dollar-based on-ramp for corporates seeking to earn attractive yields from DeFi protocols. Meow handles all the complexity of dealing with a wallet and allows corporates and HNIs to source yields from the DeFi protocols of their choosing.

“Maple exists to remove frictions seen in capital markets by rebuilding 100% on chain, the platform connects crypto-native businesses to access institutional-grade capital markets and institutions to access fixed income investment opportunities. Not having the the appropriate and secure US dollar rails has been a demonstrated blocker for corporate treasuries to on-ramp into crypto and access attractive DeFi yields. We are excited to partner with the Meow team to solve that problem, making it easier than ever for institutional parties to generate stable yields on USD on the Maple platform”, writes Quinn Thompson, Head of Growth, Maple Finance.

Since launch, we’ve found product-market fit bridging asset managers, funds, family offices and large institutions to crypto markets. With inflation at record highs, customer demand for our SEC-compliant service continues to grow. Maple is a dominant on-chain institutional capital marketplace and we’re looking forward to providing our customers access to these new opportunities”, Brandon Arvanaghi, CEO, Meow.

To access this opportunity, connect with the Meow team via their site, reach out to Quinn Thompson or your Maple contact to learn more:,



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