Meet Maple: Martin, Governance and Relations Manager

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2 min readMay 6, 2022


NICE TO MEET YOU, I’M… Martin de Rijke

AND MY ROLE IS… Governance and Relations Manager

MY SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE ARE… I have a background as a Quality and Regulatory Manager at Medical Devices company. Within crypto I run @Fundonomics on Twitter and research crypto projects on a daily basis.

MY DAY TO DAY AT MAPLE LOOKS LIKE… working with all other elite Mapes to assure users, clients, partners and the community are well-informed about Maple, it’s strategy and results as well as spearheading all governance efforts of the protocol.

I’M MOST EXCITED ABOUT… putting all my energy and effort into helping built Maple into the default global capital marketplace for leaders and entrepreneurs to fund their endeavours.

MY FAVORITE QUOTE IS… “Show me the incentives and I will show you the outcomes” by Charlie Munger.

SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT ME IS… I’m happily married and I have two wonderful kids. My passion is everything Finance and Blockchain.




Martin joins a 35+ strong team, with experience from BlockFi, Kraken, Meta, Bank of America, Gemini, Microsoft and Maker to name just a few blue-chip orgs. Team profiles are shared on our site here!

Join us on our journey:



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