Meet Maple: Graeme, Senior Product Manager

NICE TO MEET YOU, I’M… Graeme Barnes

AND MY ROLE IS… Senior Product Manager

MY SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE ARE… I have experience in Ethereum product management, having previously worked at and Before I started working in crypto I was at WeChat.

MY DAY TO DAY AT MAPLE LOOKS LIKE… Morning — Deep work, headphones on, solve a problem, design a UX, evaluate a solution.

Afternoon — Meeting with colleagues at Maple, interviewing current and potential users of Maple.

Evening — Meetings with users and colleagues in the pacific timezone.

I’M MOST EXCITED ABOUT… Getting better rates for institutions that need capital, which is issued faster than was thought possible before blockchain technology was invented.

MY FAVORITE QUOTE IS… “Change is the only constant.” — Heraclitus

SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT ME IS… I spoke pretty fluent Mandarin, it’s rusty now and intertwined with German.





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Maple Finance

Maple Finance is an institutional capital marketplace powered by blockchain technology.