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2 min readApr 15, 2022


NICE TO MEET YOU, I’M… Ellena Ingles

AND MY ROLE IS… Executive Assistant

MY SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE ARE… I’ve spent most of my career in London, working for tech and finance firms (both TradFi and DeFi) — bouncing from EA to Operations / Project Manager and back again. My main skill is looking at things from the outside in and creating new solutions to reduce wasted time and energy. Start-ups are my thing, I love building processes and cultures from the ground up, let’s climb this mountain together!

MY DAY TO DAY AT MAPLE LOOKS LIKE… My role changes from day to day depending on Joe and Sid’s priorities. I am here to support them and take things off their hands to ensure that they can focus their efforts where they can create the most impact. From organizing their days, managing their priorities, onboarding new people, planning events and overseeing finance such as expenses — whatever they need, I make sure it happens.

I’M MOST EXCITED ABOUT… Maple’s growth and all the awesome things that come with a high operating start-up — mostly, that is the like minded people it brings together with a vision for a better future.

MY FAVORITE QUOTE IS… “If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants .”— Sir Isaac Newton

SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT ME IS… I am a big fan of poetry and find that reading small amounts daily can really optimize my mood. I also basically grew up on the back of a horse, and technically still “own” a stud (if in name only, for now).



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