ICYMI: Week 7 updates from Maple Finance

Here is our ICYMI update from Week 7 2022. We reached $611M in TVL, loaned $47M+ to Alameda and hung out at EthDenver.

Founders Sid and Joe, shared their reflections on Maple’s first team offsite. Over the three days, we ideated, invited industry speakers to educate and inspire and we set 2022 goals, strategies and OKRs together. Play included our team taco night, kayaking through the Venice of America, and a visit to the Humane Society to give back and cultivate gratitude.

☕️ 3.5 gallons of cold brew consumed
3️⃣ is the people power required to make coleslaw, team members capsized, & whiteboards filled from a governance brainstorm
💦 286 beads of sweat dropped
4️⃣ bugs fixed

$600M is another Maple Milestone reached. Attributable to the growth of the Maven 11 and Orthogonal Trading pools. Happy to see the Pool Delegates continuing to drive institutional demand during interesting market conditions. TVL is now sitting at $611M, and total loans originated at $730M, but who’s counting…

DeFi’s first syndicated loan for Alameda Research reached $100M. Launched in November 2021, and managed by Orthogonol Trading, the permissioned lending pool plans to reach $1BN over 12 months.

In total $47.25M was deposited in the third tranche by a whitelisted cohort of lenders. Blue chip crypto-marketplace Abra deposited $25M, ZedRun deposit for the first time, and existing lenders including CoinShares have rolled their loans to the sum of $22.25M.

Sid joined an inspired conversation on the future of lending with gigabrains at ETHDenver. Hosted by Roshun Patel of Genesis Trading we answered the question… ‘Where will institutional DeFi be in 12 months?’🧠🔮 What do you think? Join the Twitter conversation…

Key comms:

  • We simplified a design that shows how different users interact with the platform. Shout out to JoJo our new product designer on this one.

Next week:

  • We’ll share the governance process for tokenomics changes
  • We head to New York to meet clients
  • We’ll start to plan for BitCoin Con, ETHAmsterdam and the FTX summit

Join us on our journey:



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Maple Finance is an institutional capital marketplace powered by blockchain technology.