ICYMI: Week 6 updates from Maple Finance

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3 min readFeb 13, 2022

Here is our ICYMI update from Week 6 2022. We proposed 5 changes to tokenomics, achieved $550m TVL, and hosted our first Maple Mixer in Miami.

Earlier this week, we shared 5 proposed changes to tokenomics for improved MPL utility. Our north star is to improve token utility whilst supporting the long-term growth of the Maple protocol! We’ll share the governance process this week.

Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital released their monthly research report with a spotlight on Maple. We recently overtook TrueFi to have the most outstanding uncollateralized loans. The key difference between the platforms is that on Maple, undercollateralized loans are made possible by sophisticated credit experts called Pool Delegates; Maven 11 Capital BlockTower Capital Orthogonal Trading. By growing the number of pools and their depth, we’ll reach $5bn TVL by the end of the year. Click to read the full report from Delphi Digital.

We broke through $550million in TVL, in what’s been an interesting month in global economics and crypto. This continued growth is testament to our team and partners collective mission to ensure capital is efficiently routed to areas of greatest opportunity.

Maple Mixer Miami edition

We hosted our first Maple Mixer event in Miami with partners old and new! It was great to have Miami’s most influential in one room to talk shop over pancakes, and Maple syrup of course. Next stop EthDenver…

Pool Delegate Maven 11 are hiring a Junior Credit Analyst to join their rapidly growing credit division.

Sid joined the KeeperDAO Discord for an AMA with the Maven 11 team. The session discussed the proposal for Keeper to invest a portion of their treasury to a wETH pool managed by Maven 11 on Maple. Listen back on YouTube.

We reached 11.8k followers on Twitter — help us reach 12k?

Key comms:

Katherine and Quinn’s joining Maple hit the headlines.

Maple’s General Counsel Katherine Kirkpatrick joined Twitter, send her a gm!

Maven 11 shared their January update with a feature on their Maple pool success, and bringing Martijn van Veen onboard as partner to expand yield-generating efforts.

Coming up next week:

  • Exciting CeFi partnership announcement.
  • We welcome a shiny new Marketing Executive, Tomasz to the team.
  • We will share reflections on our first team offsite and the tokenomics governance process.
  • Co-Founder Sid will join a mega panel at the Bleeding Edge Mini Summit hosted by @AaveGrants & @alliancedao. Hosted by @roshunpatel, the panel will talk all things future of lending. Dont miss it.



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