ICYMI: Week 4 updates from Maple Finance

Here is our ICYMI update from Week 4 2022. We listed with Coinbase, Huobi and more, launched Loans V2, tweeted Elon Musk, and hosted our first community call of the year.

MPL started trading on Coinbase and Huobi on Wednesday in MPL-USD and MPL-USDT pair respectively, a great vote for DeFi from CEXs and boost for liquidity of the token. Off the back of Coinbase, we listed with Hoo, Bitstamp, Bitrex adding to our listings with AscendEx, Bitmart, UniSwap and Balancer. It was awesome to see us trending on CoinGecko.

We launched Loans V2 for a more flexible, and capital efficient Maple Finance. We refactored our smart contracts to facilitate iterative updates over time, changes to how transactions are made has resulted in roughly 90% reduction in gas-fees and introduced improved capital efficiency for borrowers with refinancing options and frictionless liquidation tools: https://maplefinance.medium.com/introducing-loans-v2-a-more-flexible-and-capital-efficient-maple-finance-54ac1c1fa9

We hosted our first community call of the year with updates on our growing team, tokenomics, this weeks listings, that Elon Musk tweet, business and product updates, you can watch back here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/maplefinancejan

We launched a bug-bounty programme with Immunefi to enhance our smart contract security and prevent thefts, freezes, and unintended changes. Check it out and get involved for rewards up to $50,000 USD https://maplefinance.medium.com/bug-bounty-program-with-immunefi-commences-2-25-12-30-est-a7c55568f2d8

Pool Delegates Maven 11 submitted a proposal to Keeper DAO to invest a portion of the wETH currently inactive in Keeper’s treasury into the soon-to-launch wETH pool managed by Maven 11 on the Maple Finance protocol. https://twitter.com/Maven11Capital/status/1485627226175459335?s=20&t=ZMZlDwH0VQvueMh9ctQXVg

Key comms:

We jumped on an incredible opportunity to tweet Elon Musk, the post has earned incredible traction and the community made some awesome memes: https://twitter.com/maplefinance/status/1486772694465093638?s=20&t=ZwF1bGwXHK6WBFEWOsbeEw

Anthony Sassano @sassal0x picked up Loans V2, and added our product update to their EthHub newsletter: https://twitter.com/sassal0x/status/1485772643878182912?s=20

Index Coop posted an article on Maple and the MPL token to and it’s inclusion in the Bankless DeFi Innovation Index (GMI), as a follow up to Sid’s spaces AMA with the Coop last Friday. $GMI utilizes an indexing strategy to offer broad, diversified exposure to small-cap DeFi projects in a single token. They’re also awarding owl-somely collectable POAPs — here’s everything you need to know: https://twitter.com/maplefinance/status/1486835231718088704?s=20&t=BbILW05xsemGFNRyE4g1hw

Our Avari acquisition featured in the Solana Space daily digest: https://twitter.com/Solana_Space/status/1484805023595118599?s=20

Next week:

  • We’re all getting together at our first ever team offsite
  • Head of Growth joins Maple
  • More exchange listings

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