ICYMI: Week 3 updates from Maple Finance

Here is our ICYMI update from Week 3 2022. We announced our acquisition of Avari, we featured in Bloomberg Quicktakes, and today we join Index Coop to talk $GMI. #WAGMI.

We announced our acquisition of Avari, an undercollateralized lending protocol built on Solana and founded by Stanford engineers. The acquisition means Maple will be the first protocol to bring undercollateralized lending to Solana, and the first undercollateralized lending protocol to have a multi-chain presence. The Solana launch is planned for Q1 2022.

“We aim to make Maple the dominant corporate credit infrastructure in crypto by removing all frictions and expanding across multiple chains. The acquisition of the Avari team out of Stanford means we can expand to Solana in Q1 2022, and begin to welcome both smaller participants and high-quality players from the Solana ecosystem such as DAOs, protocols and institutional investors to our platform. This provides the potential to add billions of dollars in untapped value to the Maple ecosystem,” says Sidney Powell, CEO and Co-Founder, Maple Finance.

Everything you need to know can be found in our blog post: https://maplefinance.medium.com/maple-finance-acquires-avari-for-rapid-launch-on-solana-3e821ae21bc8

To keep up the pace, we’re hiring for 2 Rust Engineers: https://jobs.lever.co/maple-finance/9f36ff14-d534-4ec9-98de-811ce1218ee9

Key Solana comms:

Blockworks: Maple Finance Scoops Up Lending Protocol Avari to Hasten Launch on Solana https://blockworks.co/maple-finance-scoops-up-lending-protocol-avari-to-hasten-launch-on-solana/

Yahoo Finance: Maple Finance buys Avari for rapid launch on Solana https://finance.yahoo.com/news/maple-finance-buys-avari-rapid-140151435.html

We’d love a retweet: https://twitter.com/maplefinance/status/1484138123323977735?s=20

Hear from the Avari team on their road to acquisition: https://twitter.com/AvariHQ/status/1484145770919972866?s=20

Solana next week:

We will share an update on future tokenomics. We will host and AMA with Sid and Quinn

In other news…

We scored an impressive 92% in a Process Quality Review from @DefiSafety indicating how closely our security, testing, auditing, validity processes and documentation follow best-practice. We’re proud to feature in the Top 10 protocols reviewed alongside Uniswap, Balancer, Gnosis Safe, blue-chip DeFi protocols that we’ve the pleasure to partner with: https://www.defisafety.com/pqrs/78

We announced five $MPL winners from our listing competition with @AscendEX_Global. Lucky entrants have been awarded directly in their AscendEX accounts.

We joined Bankless and Index Coop reps to talk all things $GMI, how Maple was born and the road ahead, DeFi 1.0 vs. 2.0, and emerging partnerships with the Coop — listen back: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YqJDqVMawaxV/peek

Key comms:

Our Network: Coverage on OlympusDAO, Maple Finance, Tokemak, and Rari Capital. https://ournetwork.substack.com/p/ournetwork-issue-104

Maven 11 shared a beautiful infographic to celebrate their road to hitting $175M in just 6 months: https://www.maven11.com/maple-finance-pool-2021?utm_campaign=Maple Finance&utm_content=194981257&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&hss_channel=tw-2708070367

Our Seed Investors Koji Capital wrapped up their 2021 podcast series, Sid recorded this session in April 2021 and it aged well — we can’t wait to go back 1 year later: https://twitter.com/maplefinance/status/1484472019894816770?s=20 podcast here.

Bloomberg Quicktake From Bitcoin to DeFi (in 12 Short Years) — Meet Sid around 7 minutes in https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2022-01-19/from-bitcoin-to-defi-in-12-short-years-video?sref=EbLnB9eF

Nice outtake from Sid on The Money Movement podcast with Circle CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Allaire: https://twitter.com/circlepay/status/1483563911874072582?s=20

Full podcast is here: https://www.circle.com/en/the-money-movement/episode-46-decentralized-credit-capital-markets

Next week:

  • Launching a bug bounty programme with Immunefi
  • We’ll share updates to our LoansV2 smart contracts



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