ICYMI: Week 2 updates from Maple Finance

Here is our ICYMI update from Week 2 2022, another busy one. We hope you enjoy the read! #WAGMI.

Pool Delegate Maven 11 passed $175M in loan volume! Opening 6 months ago at just $22M the pool hit $100M in October and continues to scale to meet borrower demand: https://twitter.com/maplefinance/status/1481940277174669315?s=20

After the closing of the Signal Request last week, MakerDAOs on-chain Governance Poll to prioritize a DAI Direct Deposit Module (D3M) with Maple passed, and we move one step closer to our potential partnership with the Maker team: https://twitter.com/lucasmanuel_eth/status/1481767207050825728?s=20

We’ve invited our community to share ideas on how we can improve MPL tokenomics, if you’ve thoughts please drop them in here so we can build a more valuable MPL together: https://community.maple.finance/t/ongoing-discussion-mpl-tokenomics/116

We’re so proud of the team we’re building at Maple we wanted to show them off, so this week we launched a team page where you can put faces to names and directly connect with us on socials: https://www.maple.finance/about-us

Want to join our expert team? We continue to hire for rust, solidity engineers and front-end developers, a credit analyst and a marketing exec: https://jobs.lever.co/maple-finance

$MPL is now listed with BitMart and to celebrate our listing, the team is rewarding the top 30 buys by MPL/USDT trading volume with more MPL tokens: https://twitter.com/maplefinance/status/1481928799725961216?s=20

Updates to our Loans smart contract has resulted in a 90% gas fee reduction, more detail on additional updates to our smart contracts to come next week: https://twitter.com/lucasmanuel_eth/status/1480210635363426310?s=20

Key comms from this week:

Sid featured on The Money Movement podcast with Circle CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Allaire, they spoke about building lending infrastructure, how Maple will scale and the importance of Pool Delegates — https://www.circle.com/en/the-money-movement/episode-46-decentralized-credit-capital-markets

Watch as Peer Through Media aka @NewMarkNFT takes a deep dive on all things $GMI, a new index token from Index Coop and BanklessDAO that tracks $MPL alongside 11 other small-cap DeFi tokens https://twitter.com/NewMarkNFT/status/1481495922865422336?s=20

Looking ahead to next week:

  • We will announce the winners to our listing competition with AscendEX
  • Watch out for details on our Smart Contract improvements and WebApp updates

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Maple Finance is an institutional capital marketplace powered by blockchain technology.

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Maple Finance

Maple Finance is an institutional capital marketplace powered by blockchain technology.