ICYMI: Week 14 updates from Maple

This week Delphi Digital published a research report on Maple, we hosted a miner financing focused mixer, and we curated the tastiest thread of threads on Twitter.

Delphi Digital published an in-depth report on our strong start to 2022, titled “The Race to Build a “Sticky” DeFi Debt Market”. The report recognizes growing loan volumes ($1.15BN), performance of $MPL and casts ahead to the launch of xMPL in May. Comparisons of borrow, utilization and AP rates against similar platforms are best understood as charts.

Delphi’s premium subscription hides the alpha and so many syrup puns (worth paying just for that). We’ll post more next week with Q1 performance.

gud charts

Maven 11s wETH pool saw three rounds of upsizing this week. 4000 wETH was deposited within a couple of hours each time. The demand is clear. Did you jump in the pool? We recommend turning on notifications on Twitter to be in the know for next time.

Some facts on the two Maven 11 pools in their Q1 wrap. Sneak peak here:

Another week, another Maple Mixer. This time we were in Miami to kick off Bitcoin 2022. We had pancakes with Maple syrup obvs, and hosted a mini panel to discuss the future of Bitcoin mining with … Nic Carter (Castle Island Ventures), Mike Levitt (Core Scientific), Amanda Fabiano (Galaxy Digital) and Jeff Burkey (VP of Business Development at Foundry). We spoke about the market opportunity, hot topics, then headed to the conference.

Our Twitter thread touches on some of the topics discussed.

Neat comms:

Next week:

  • We’ll continue prepping for Solana mainnet launch.
  • We will share merch updates (sorry for delay).
  • We’ll host a community call.
  • We’ll ship our Q1 performance results.
  • The Q2 roadmap will be revealed.

Join us on our journey:



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