ICYMI: Week 12 updates from Maple Finance

Welcome to our ICYMI update from Week 12 2022. We reached a key milestone of $1 BN loans executed on Maple in just 10 months, shared the story of bringing Maple Solana to mainnet and attended some exciting events and podcasts.

This week we reached $1BN loans issued on the Maple platform. Achieved in just 10 months, we see this as a key milestone for Maple, our partners, the DeFi industry and digital economy at large. Maple’s debt-capital market infrastructure has enabled credit experts to launch and grow healthy lending businesses, which is the catalyst to Maple’s growth. In our Medium release we shared a deep dive into the liquidity pools on Maple and what’s coming next.

At the time of writing today, loans originated have jumped again to $1.1BN.

“Maple is powering the future of DeFi by creating a platform where leading market makers like Wintermute have access to growth capital that would not have been available in traditional markets.” — Wintermute

Read the full story on Medium.

Find out what Blockworks have to say in their recent article.

Quinn Barry, Head of Maple Solana, tells the story of how we’re bringing Solana Maple to Mainnet. Like all good stories, it started in Puerto Rico. An acquisition, smart contract re-configuration and a few audits later we’re now ready to launch early April. Maple will be the first protocol to bring undercollateralized lending to the Solana ecosystem. And that’s just the beginning. We plan to originate $1B in loans on Maple Solana by the end of 2022.

Read the full story on Medium.

Get to know Quinn here.

BTIG, a large global investment bank, featured Maple in their recent research report. It’s incredible exposure to be featured by a company that services hundreds of traditional finance institutions and companies. In the 34th edition of BTIG Cryptoasset Currents, they explore how Maple Finance is offering crypto-native projects, shunned by traditional banks, access to undercollateralized loans while at the same time allowing centralized financial institutions to provide their users with access to the attractive yields offered by decentralized finance (DeFi).

View the tweet from Mark Palmer, Managing Director/Digital Assets and FinTech Analyst at BTIG.

Sid participated in a panel at AVAX Summit Barcelona about Institutional Participation in DeFi Lending. He joined alongside Jacquelyn Melinek from TechCruch, David Olsen from BlockFi, Steven McClurg from Valkyrie and Joe Bruzzesi from Raptor Group. DeFi TVL is growing by orders of magnitude each year, with borrowing and lending protocols leading the charge. How and to what extent have institutions embraced these protocols? We’ll share the recording of the discussion as soon as it’s live on the Avalanche Summit website.

Did you spot Sid on stage at the summit? Let us know on Twitter.

The Bankless Ethereum Down Under episode features Sid alongside other Australian DeFi builders from Synthetix, Immutable X and Mycelium & Tracer DAO. In the episode they delve into interesting topics including ‘What differentiates DeFi in Australia’, ‘The future of DeFi and other crypto projects’ and ‘Are we in a bear market or not?’. You’ll be sure to discover some real founder alpha.

Watch the recording on YouTube.

  • We host our second Maple Morning Mixer: London Edition
  • We’ll share an update on Maker DAO’s upcoming integration with Maple



Maple Finance is an institutional capital marketplace powered by blockchain technology.

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Maple Finance

Maple Finance is an institutional capital marketplace powered by blockchain technology.