DeFi’s first syndicated loan for Alameda Research reaches $100M

Maple Finance
2 min readFeb 17, 2022

Maple Finance is excited to share that loans to Alameda Research have surpassed $100M. Launched in November 2021, and managed by Orthogonol Trading, the permissioned lending pool plans to reach $1BN over 12 months.

In total $47.25M was deposited in the third tranche by a whitelisted cohort of lenders. Blue chip crypto-marketplace Abra deposited $25M, ZedRun deposit for the first time, and existing lenders including CoinShares have rolled their loans to the sum of $22.25M.

Lending is restricted to accredited non-US institutions that pass through KYC-AML procedures, and unlike traditional debt capital deals this syndicated loan can be expanded at any time.

Launched 9 months ago, total liquidity provided to pools on Maple has reached $611M with more than $683M loans originated. The growing institutional participation on Maple Finance demonstrates the attractiveness of lending to high quality, large scale borrowers, previously only accessible through traditional finance markets.

About Maple Finance

Maple Finance is DeFi infrastructure for experts to run on-chain lending businesses, and have three core customers Borrowers, Lenders and Pool Delegates. Maple offers Borrowers transparent, capital-efficient financing. For Lenders, Maple offers a yield source through lending to diversified pools of crypto’s premium institutions. Loans are managed and underwritten by sophisticated teams of credit analysts called Pool Delegates, who assess credit-worthiness and set loan terms with Borrowers.

On a mission to redefine capital markets through digital assets, Maple expands the digital economy by providing the infrastructure for credit experts to launch lending businesses, for institutional borrowers to access capital, and for lenders to access yield sources. The economic potential of the future will be fulfilled by harnessing global capital and applying it to areas of greatest opportunity. For more information visit:



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